Start-up Cannabis Business? Conversation with James Clardy

Cannabis Clearwater engages in a zoom discussion with CCW’s Master Cannabis Cultivator James Clardy on the following topics and more:

1. How to grow cannabis successfully and what not to do. James discusses some of the key items on growing cannabis for the first time and what are some of the mistakes first-time cannabis growers make and how can they avoid them.

2. James also gives advice on how to choose the right cultivar and what works best for your operation.

3. In addition, James gives tips on applying for a cannabis license and how to save money on operational costs.

Definitions.* defines “Indica is a classification of marijuana known for its relaxing and therapeutic qualities. Scientifically, indica is referred to as Cannabis indica, and these strains can offer sleepiness and relief to those suffering from chronic pain. Indica strains can also promote appetite and reduce nausea.”

And defines “Sativa is another classification of marijuana strains. The leaves of this subspecies of marijuana plant are lighter in color and narrower than their counterparts. Cannabis made from these plants is associated with a stimulating effect that gives users a buzz. These plants tend to grow in hot, dry climates and can be found in Africa, Central America, Southeast Asia, and western portions of Asia, according to Healthline.”

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