Testing Labs Permits & Licensing

Permits & Licensing for Cannabis Lab Testing

Cannabis testing laboratories are often set with higher standards to make sure products and facilities are safe. They also need to comply with many regulations to obtain and maintain the required permits and licenses for daily business operations. Cannabis Clearwater consultants testing labs to make sure they are compliant with regulations, help become a ISO certified lab, and guide the process for new cannabis labs as well as managing already functioning labs. 

 We are experts at facilitating the approvals you need to run a cannabis testing lab business in California and all of United States.

Testing Cannabis for Potency, Safety, and Compliance

Many cannabis labs offer specific types of testing whether it’s for medicinal or recreational use. Potency Test Panels are one of the basics with baselines established by the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC). Testings include cannabinoid and terpenoid profiling for determining potency of the plant. 

Cannabis Product Safety Testing has been incorporated into cannabis testing as facilities who grow outdoors are exposed to more elements than indoor cultivation. Cannabis labs will test finished products for contaminants like pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, and more.

Labs will have Cannabis Compliance Testing for both the medical and adult-use cannabis markets. Staying within compliance will help your lab conduct safe testings and encourage permit approval. Compliance for cannabis labs have changed, we help keep you up to date. 

We Help You Get OSHA Certified, Permits & Licensed

As one of the many benefits of using Cannabis Clearwater, we are an OSHA Authorized General Industry Trainer. This can expedite many of the requirements and offer an added benefit for your facility with approval. We work with you to offer training to your employees so you won’t need to outsource this requirement.

We helps laboratories be successful in obtaining the permits and licenses needed to grow their business. We help process and even assist with maintaining your permits as many counties require annual permit renewal and inspection.