Cannabis Nursery Permits & Licensing

Cannabis Nurseries Permits

The cannabis business is ripe with opportunity but the cannabis nursery license is in a league of its own. Cultivation is a big part of the cannabis industry but nurseries are where it all starts. Growers want the best strains of , superior genetics, and strong healthy starter plants. Nurseries also require specific permits in order to operate and supply cultivators.

baby cannabis plant, cannabis nursery licensing

What is a Cannabis Nursery?

seedling cannabis plant, cannabis nursery licensing

Cannabis nurseries are establishments that specialize in plant genetics to produce clones, immature plants, and seeds for wholesale distribution to permitted cultivators and dispensaries.

How Do You Get a Permit for a Cannabis Nursery?

For obtaining a Cannabis Nursery License, you will need to process the application much like a cultivator. The intent of this type of license is to create a legal entity for starting your business to support the cannabis industry, as well as the development of high quality and new varieties of cannabis.

Opening a Marijuana Nursery in California

The great benefits of opening a cannabis nursery is that it doesn’t require a lot of space. Cannabis Clearwater can help get your nursery started and supplying cultivators. We focus on getting local approval and the permits for your establishment. In California, the Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) is responsible for issuing cultivation licenses to cannabis businesses which includes nurseries. We tailor a customized strategy plan for your specific needs.

  • Create a business strategy plan
  • Inspect or prepare your locations
  • Submit forms to state regulations for approval
  • Submit forms to county offices for approval
  • Get state cannabis cultivation licenses
  • Maintain permits and licenses

We Help You Get Cannabis Nursery Permits & License

Cannabis Clearwater helps growers and nurseries be successful in obtaining the permits and licenses needed to grow their business. We help process and even assist with maintaining your permits as many counties require annual permit renewal and inspection.

California regulations on cannabis cultivation licensing are listed at California Legislation Licensed Cultivation