Cannabis Manufacturing Permits & Licensing

Harvesting Cannabis & Manufacturing

Cannabis manufacturing has a very important part in the cannabis industry. Over the years, we’ve seen the cannabis market evolve with offering endless varieties of products. Manufacturing cannabis can vary from oils, prepackaged edibles, and even beauty products.

We take care of all that for you. Cannabis Clearwater walks you through the process and completes all the forms your county and state require for permits and a manufacturing license. 


Cannabis Industry: Center of Cannabis Manufacturing

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Green Entrepreneur said there were about 5,000 licensed cannabis-based businesses in California in 2019. They learned only 400 of those licensed businesses were manufacturers with temporary licenses to service the industry. All according to the California Department of Health (CDPH). Why does cannabis manufacturing have such a small fraction of the pot? 

The answer is manufacturers have an extremely meticulous process to obtain a license by the city and state regulators. Local officials enforce strict standards for facility design and equipment installation as safety is a high risk in cannabis manufacturing.

How to Get a California Cannabis Manufacturing License

Since the process of getting a cannabis manufacturing license is so difficult, we recommend using a consultant to facilitate the process. Cannabis Clearwater knows what is required to get approved and licensed for manufacturing which can save you time and money. Here is how to get started:

  • Create business plan & environmental impact
  • Local Approval: Land Use Permits, Building Permits & Business Licenses
  • Department of Public Health Licensing & Inspections
  • State Cannabis Licenses
  • Department of Public Health License: Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch (MCSB)

Cannabis Manufacturing License Application

Each state required different types of documents depending on your manufacturing product, existing building, or building a new facility from scratch. We review all your options whether your breaking ground on a new build or have a current project under construction. We can help.

Cannabis Clearwater helps manufacturers become successful in obtaining the permits and licenses needed to grow their business. We help process and even assist with maintaining your permits as many counties require annual permit renewal and inspection.

What is the Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch?

MCSB is a licensing branch under the Department of Public Health and  is one of three state licensing authorities responsible for licensing and regulating commercial cannabis businesses in California. MCSB specifically is responsible for regulation of all commercial cannabis manufacturing in California.

What is MAUCRSA?

Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) established a dual licensing structure in which both the state and local governments play a role in setting guidelines and public health standards for cannabis businesses. For temporary licenses, you must have local approval to operate a cannabis business. For annual licenses, you must be in compliance with all local regulations.