Cannabis Distribution & Transportation Licensing

Distribution Permits & Licensing

Distribution and transportation of cannabis can be a sensitive subject. Cultivators and manufacturers need services to transport cannabis products to the distributors. Cannabis distribution and transportation require thorough planning to be successful and legit. Bookkeeping, inventory management, and safety play a big part in getting approval for cannabis transportation services. We work with you on getting everything you will need to legally transport cannabis in California.

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Cannabis Compliance Inspections

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Cannabis Clearwater is certified by an Authorized OSHA Training Institute Education Center and knows specific safety guidelines inspectors look for with evaluating your distribution facility. We do a preliminary compliance inspection beforehand to make sure you’re approved the first time and address any issues that will cause a denial of your cannabis distributor permit.

 We are experts at facilitating the approvals you need to start & run a cannabis distribution business in California & all parts of the United States.

Getting Started

Cannabis distributors and transporters in California must get a license from the Bureau of Cannabis Control in order to operate. Cannabis Clearwater works with you to complete the process required by creating a guide step by step.

  • Create Business plan & operation procedures
  • Submit forms to state regulations for approval
  • Request Licensing from BCC
  • Compliance Inspections
  • Maintain annual permits and compliance inspections

We Help You Get Transportation Permits & Licensed

To obtain a license from BCC, you must first have approval from the city and state by submitting required forms, present operation procedures, and complete compliance inspections. Cannabis Clearwater are experts in all the forms you’ll need and help you complete them correctly.

Cannabis Clearwater helps cannabis transporters become successful in obtaining the permits and licenses needed to grow their business. We help process and even assist with maintaining your permits as many counties require annual permit renewal and inspection.