Dispensary Permits & Licensing

Cannabis Dispensary Permits & Licensing

Already have a smoke shop but want to make your storefront legit for cannabis dispensing? We can help. Cannabis Clearwater assists with the challenging obstacles you may face with obtaining required permits in order to open a dispensary in your city. California dispensaries require significant planning, designing, marketing, and public outreach as some communities can be sensitive to cannabis businesses.

Are you opening a cannabis dispensary in California? or anywhere in the United States? We are verse in all the regulations for each state.


How to Open a Legal Cannabis Dispensary

Much like any type of business, there are specific regulations and guidelines a storefront much have in order to be approved for cannabis dispensaries. We help your business with all the forms, required inspections, and figuring out total costs to operate. We want you to have a successful cannabis dispensary and create a strategy plan from start to finish.

  • Create a business strategy plan
  • Inspect – prepare – assist finding your location
  • Building permits and security 
  • Create marketing strategy 
  • Submit forms to state regulations for approval
  • Submit forms to county offices for approval
  • Get state cannabis cultivation licenses
  • Evaluate business operations to increase revenue
  • Maintain permits and licenses

Want To Open a Dispensary Shop Outside Of California?

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Depending on your city, county and state regulations — these steps may vary. We understand there is a ton of work to open a dispensary and can be overwhelming. Cannabis Clearwater does the work for you and sets you up to plan, build, and sustain a successful dispensary by consulting your business for fast approval.

Cannabis Dispensary Compliance

Cannabis dispensary compliance isn’t that scary, but does require a lot of effort. Let our experts prepare you for any compliance inspections that happen and review your storefront for possible issues and improvements. Cities have different zoning regulations for cannabis dispensaries and deliveries. We know what each city requires and include that in your business plan.

What is C.U.P.?

CUP stands for Conditional Use Permit and is the primary process that cities use to control where and how cannabis businesses set up shop in their communities. We are familiar with CUP and help facilitate the process to obtain these permits so they are granted and approved the first time.

We Help You Get Cannabis Dispensary Permits & Licensing

Cannabis Clearwater helps Dispensaries become successful in obtaining the permits and licenses needed to grow their business. We help process and even assist with maintaining your permits as many counties require annual permit renewal and inspection.