Increase Your Cannabis Website Traffic: Get A Cannabis SEO - Conversation With Lacey Ornelas

SEO and Digital Marketing Strategist, and owner of Laced Media, Lacey Ornelas, comes from decades of Sales, Marketing, and Web Development experience. Years at a large agency taught her that bigger isn’t always better. Instead, she focuses on quality rather than sacrificing service and product. Believing that every service should have uniqueness and originality.

Laced Media is for B2B and consumers. Meaning she is here to help your business grow by taking it to a whole new level. The knowledge Lacey brings to your business is collected from years of experience with SEO, Web Development, Marketing Strategies, and even Content Writing. Laced Media specializes in businesses in the United States with their Digital Marketing needs. Giving solutions to increasing visibility, traffic, and conversions. Website: We had the distinct honor of interviewing Lacey and discussing the current trends and challenges in cannabis digital marketing.


  • SEO
  • Cannabis Digital Marketing
  • Cannabis Social Media
  • Cannabis Brand Awareness
  • How To Pick The Right SEO Analyst
  • Google Listing
  • Budget On Digital Marketing
  • Be Patient On ROI
  • What Is The First Thing You Need?
  • AI Writer

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  1. You’re doing all the right things. But I’ve always known you to be intellectually fueled and always looking to close the loop on your initiatives. Just keep keeping on! Best. Dan

    1. Thanks Dan. It has been a learning curve. I can only hope that this works out. Nothing was as hard as the IPO so that inspires me to keep going.

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