Seeds and Clones

Cannabis Clearwater can help increase your business with collaboration, partnerships, and reaching out. 



Seeds and Clones

The cannabis industry is always changing and we want to help support your business efforts from a cultivation and nursery perspective. With our continuous work with growers and nurseries Cannabis Clearwater has developed a way to help maximize your growing potential. 

Our seed and clone program can help alleviate the burden of looking for premium seeds and clones. Our Seed and Clone Program is a 3-point program that best fits your needs as well as your customer’s needs.

Cannabis Clearwater Seed and Clone 3-Point Program

  1. Initial investigation and pen-to-paper plan for your business 
  2. Business review and seed and clone outputs for your business 
  3. Install seed/clone business plan for successful goals and target 


Benefits of using our 3-Point Seed and Clone Program

  1. Consistent product from a reliable source
  2. Increase revenue 
  3. Lower operational costs

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