Cannabis Security

Cannabis Clearwater can help you with your security needs. Compliance, internal and external. 

Why Cannabis Security?

As the cannabis global market continues to rise so does cannabis security. Regardless of the ancillary, cannabis robberies are at an all-time high. 

Cannabis Clearwater’s security team has a combination of military and police and security experience that extends over 20 years. 

Cannabis Clearwater’s 3-point security plan applies to all cannabis ancillaries including cultivation, nursery, dispensary, distribution, and laboratories and manufacturing. Cannabis Clearwater can help not only save you money but increase your security as well.

3-Point Security Plan:

  1. Audit territory and review training records 
  2. Implement security procedures and training
  3. Install security hardware 

Benefits of our 3-Point Security Plan

  1. Save costs – Our team has a year of security experience and knows how to save you money. 
  2. Lower absenteeism and increase morale – Our training help lower turnover rates and increase the internal morale of your organization.
  3. Increase customer experience – Knowing you have the best security system allows you to focus on the customer’s experience at your facility.   

Contact Us

For any inquiries about security email us at or call us at 707.200.3958.