Emerald Cup Judge, Yarrow Kubrin (https://www.linkedin.com/in/yarrowkub…) is the Founder of Special Teams Consulting, a consulting firm that offers an evaluation of the highest and best use, site specifics, zoning parameters, infrastructure evaluation of property and cannabis machinery, production processes, TI’s and FFE’s. His many years of experience in the cannabis industry make him one of the leading experts in Cannabis Equity Programs.

Today we had the honor to talk to Yarrow about the following:

  1. Cannabis Equity Programs
  2. Definitions of Cannabis Equity Programs
  3. State and Regional Cannabis Equity Program Potential
  4. Federally Legalization Advice for Beginner Cannabis Business Owners


Definitions: United Way Of The National Capital Area defines Social Equity as “social equity is impartiality, fairness and justice for all people in social policy. Social equity takes into account systemic inequalities to ensure everyone in a community has access to the same opportunities and outcomes. Equity of all kinds acknowledges that inequalities exist and works to eliminate them.”


Conversation with Yarrow Kubrin