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Meet some of our Cannabis Compliance Experts in OSHA Training, Cannabis License, Seed and Extraction Specialist and our Sales Specialist

Meet James - Your Cannabis Compliance Expert


Cannabis License, Seed and Extraction Specialist!

James has over 20 years of cannabis cultivation, nursery, lab, distribution, and dispensary license experience.

His knowledge has led him to various projects that have fully succeeded in the cannabis industry.  He has supported companies through remediation in seed cultivation. In addition, James is a seed specialist. In his spare time, he breeds his own seeds and uses various methods, ebb and flow, deep water culture, and run to waste. 

Cannabis Extraction Expert

In addition, James is an expert on extraction and manufacturing. Throughout James’s career, he has stepped into different roles without compromising company mandates. His expertise in extraction has helped companies maximize profitability while saving money at the same time. 

If you need help obtaining a cannabis license, or remediation with your grow or processing, contact James at

Meet Kahleen - Your Cannabis OSHA Trainer and Inspector

OSHA Authorized General Industry Trainer

Kahleen is proud to say she is a cannabis OSHA  Authorized General Industry Trainer. She has over 20 years of safety in general industry, construction,  agriculture and maritime. Her wealth of knowledge is great appreciated in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Safety Inspector

In addition, Kahleen is an expert in a cannabis safety inspection. Her vast knowledge has made her a leader and pioneer in safety inspections in the cannabis space. If you need any safety inspections or OSHA training contact Kahleen at 


Meet Jayde - Your Cannabis Safety Sales Specialist

Jayde (she/her)

Jayde is a safety-conscious advocate for Cannabis and the industry that surrounds it. Her mission is to improve the Safety, Wellness, lives, and future of all who work in the Cannabis space. Jayde’s passion for cannabis comes from many years working in the cannabis industry ranging from cultivation to brand ambassador to manufacturing to dispensary. She sees the value in safety and is working to become an OSHA Outreach Trainer. If you need OSHA training contact Jayde. 

In her spare time, Jayde enjoys music, reading comics and attending comic-con conventions, and walking her animals.  



Meet Alec - Your Seattle Product Support Sales Specialist

Living in Seattle WA, Alec is continually motivated by the challenges of sales and the diversity of clients that sales allow people to work with. He believes that the dynamic and challenging environment sales offers allows him to leverage his interpersonal skills and passion for building relationships to drive success. A recent University of WA graduate in Finance and Marketing, Alec is excited to be a part of the team at  Cannabis Clearwater and can't wait to see what's in store. In his free time, Alec enjoys working out, boxing, hiking, reading, traveling, and chilling with my two cats! 

Contact Alec at


Meet JonMichael - Your Las Vegas Product Support Sales Specialist


JonMichael is a passionate advocate for medical marijuana, with a particular focus on the therapeutic benefits of CBD and CBG. With a deep-rooted belief in the healing properties of these cannabinoids, he has dedicated himself to spreading awareness and advocating for their use in healthcare.

When not immersed in the world of medical marijuana advocacy, JonMichael can be found exploring the great outdoors through hiking and outdoor adventures. Nature serves as both a source of rejuvenation and inspiration for this adventurous soul.

A true go-getter, JonMichael approaches life with a proactive mindset, always seeking out new challenges and opportunities for personal and professional growth. His drive and determination are evident in all aspects of his life, from advocating for causes they believe in to pursuing their own goals and aspirations.

Cannabis Clearwater is lucky to have JonMichael represent Las Vegas. 


Meet Mike - Your Cannabis Loss Prevention Expert

Mike is a leading industry expert in the ever-changing field of Loss Prevention, Physical Security, and Law Enforcement.  He has almost 30 years of experience conducting Criminal and Workplace Policy Investigations and has conducted 1000+ Integrity Interviews with Dishonest Employees, He also has created, and implemented, Security policies and Inventory Strategies for several multi-billion dollar companies that have saved retailers Millions of dollars in savings.  Mike also has a proven track record of Inventory and Physical Security Auditing that has led to the discovery of losses and was able to provide immediate answers when asked, “How did we lose so much money and inventory?”.
Mike is an avid lifelong learner and has enjoyed mentoring people to become the best versions of themselves and achieve their goals.  He is a native resident of Sonoma County and appreciates the sense of Community distinctly from Northern California.

Meet Emily - Your Newark Product Support Sales Specialist


Emily is a veteran salesperson whose sales experience ranges from law to healthcare. Her 10-year track record makes Emily the leading cannabis salesperson in New Jersey. She has a way of presenting a unique solution to all our clients. One of the reasons Emily is successful is because she cares about our client’s needs. With her expert listening skills, she has a way of helping solve problems while staying focused on what they want. Emily also has a passion for cannabis. Her optimism and upbeat attitude make her a perfect fit to investigate the current cannabis trends and communicate that with her fellow teammates. During her spare time, Emily is passionate about reading and learning new languages and is a huge fan of Lego sets.


Meet Shyanne - Your Bay Area Product Support Sales Specialist


Growing up in Sonoma County, Shyanne has a passion for animals. As she continues her path as a double major in marketing/business and law, Shyanne will always make room to help out with animals in need. She is motivated by seeing animals get the love and respect they deserve. Shyanne s other passion is meeting new people and supporting product sales development. Her passion for business development goes back to high school when she learned how to network and provide excellent customer service at her first job. Cannabis Clearwater is very lucky to have her represent the Bay Area. In her spare time, she likes to play with her dogs Lady and Sophie


Contact Shyanne at   

Meet Gavin - Your Lake Tahoe/Reno Product Support Sales Specialist

Gavin’s journey is a testament to the twists and turns life can bring. Hailing from the sun-soaked shores of Southern California, he initially chased Olympic dreams on the snowboard, until a significant setback nudged him towards a new path to pursuing his BA in Business Management from London Metropolitan University.

Having moved to London in 2020, Gavin found himself immersed in a vibrant new culture and educational experience. Yet, his roots in adventure and outdoor pursuits remained strong. Now residing in Reno, Nevada, nestled near the mountains where he can once again hit the slopes, Gavin feels at home, ready to reignite his passion for snowboarding and make a difference in his community within the Cannabis Industry.

In his role as a Sales Manager, Gavin consistently exceeds targets, fueled by extreme determination. But beyond the numbers, his true fulfillment lies in the possibility of positively impacting lives. Whether he’s carving up the slopes or savoring life’s simple pleasures, Gavin seeks meaningful connections and shared joys. While his days as a semi-professional snowboarder showcased his resilience, Gavin remains grounded in the understanding that true success is measured by how much we lift others up. With passion, and a drive to make a difference, Gavin sets forth into the cannabis CBD industry. His goal isn’t just personal achievement; it’s about spreading wellness and healing to those who need it most.



Meet Devon - Your Cleveland Product Support Sales Specialist

Devon is an experienced salesperson serving the Cleveland, Ohio area, combining a robust knowledge of the cannabis industry with a dedication to community service. A graduate of the Cleveland School of Cannabis, Devon has an in-depth understanding of cannabis products and trends, which makes him a valuable asset to our team. Outside of work, Devon is committed to supporting at-risk youth in Cleveland. He works with Coach Sam’s Scholars, a non-profit program designed to assist children in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. Devon also dedicates time to teaching 2nd and 3rd graders, helping to nurture the next generation. With a passion for helping clients and a background rooted in both cannabis and community service, Devon offers personalized solutions that not only meet client needs but also benefit the wider community. This dedication makes Devon an integral member of our team.


Meet Mila - Your Hawaiian Islands Product Support Sales Specialist

Name: Mila

Title: Product Support Sales Specialist

Location: Hawaii 


Meet Marsan - Your Quality and Regulatory Specialist


Marsan is one of our quality and regulatory specialists. She has worked in regulated industries for 17+ years and has a strong understanding of what it takes to become and remain compliant within these industries. In addition to quality and regulatory, Marsan also has a background in manufacturing, supply chain, and operations which gives her a unique perspective that allows for compliance while keeping resource limitations in mind. As the cannabis industry moves towards regulation, the process may become confusing and overwhelming for some. Marsan and our other quality/regulatory specialists are available to support this transition and help develop a plan to ensure a smooth implementation. Marsan loves a challenge and is interested in innovative ways to show compliance that utilizes some of the newest up-to-date models and quality management software. 

Contact Marsan at 

Meet Arthur - Your Cannabis Global Solutions Expert and OSHA Authorized General Industry Trainer

Bay Area resident Arthur has 10 years of safety training and 15 years of education experience. He also has over twenty years of direct sales experience in transportation and logistics. His combination of sales and education experience makes for a good fit for teaching cannabis Cal/OSHA training. Arthur is very excited about teaching safety in the cannabis industry. Cannabis is nothing new to the Bay Area and now that it is here to stay,  Arthur has the knowledge to teach safety in cultivation, manufacturing, laboratory, dispensary, and distribution.



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