We Found The Best Way To Grow Cannabis...And Nobody Wants It. - Conversation With David Sandomeno

From Sunrise Mountain Farms, “Dave has been an avid lover of cannabis for most of his life and has over 20 years of experience cultivating and responsibly stewarding the land. He’s committed to developing innovative cultivation techniques combining his experience with Korean Natural Farming, permaculture, and regenerative methodologies. His experience with water filtration, plumbing, mechanics, natural building, glass blowing, and music add to his well-rounded operational capabilities on the farm.” 

In addition to being a master cannabis cultivator, his passion for the farm industry lies deep within his family roots from learning from his grandfather on the east coast to spreading his knowledge to family and friends in northern California. 

Check out https://sunrisemountainfarms.com/ for more information about Sunrise Mountain Farms. 

Topics include: Farming on the East Coast Growing up Traveling to the West Natural Farming Korean Natural Farming Interest in Cannabis Humboldt County New Old-Style Cannabis Growing Starting Out Saving Operational Costs Definition – JADAM – A Korean style of organic farming.

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