Finding The Right Dispensary For You Is Key

Choosing the right local recreational cannabis dispensary is challenging because of the wide array of cannabis dispensaries. Currently, there are more dispensaries opening up than there ever has before. published an article saying the following:

“Combined U.S. medical and recreational cannabis sales could reach $33 billion by the end of 2022, largely driven by the opening of new adult-use markets. Retail cannabis sales are projected to be upwards of $52.6 billion by 2026″

Today’s choices have already made people’s lives more complicated. Here are some tips on finding the right dispensary.   



Tip 1: Do you prefer high-end OR mom & pop?

Ultimately it comes down to what you like. Some say entering a high-end dispensary where there are extravagant lights and top-of-the-line equipment makes one feel they have to act differently because it’s fancy. There is also a presumption that the pricing for products will be exponentially marked up. On the flip side, others say entering a mom & pop-shop dispensary gives off a disparaging vibe because the decor is not to your liking and gives off a stereotypical customer. What is important is how you feel when you enter a dispensary. If you like the fancy high-end stores go in. If you feel more comfortable at a mom & pop dispensary because you feel more ‘at home’ please go. All dispensaries should be well-maintained and clean.  Anyone on the floor should greet you with a friendly smile and with open arms. Remember it is all about the experience. 

Tip 2: Dispensary and Products

Like any other purchase, you want to make sure you are getting the correct item. Same with the cannabis dispensary. You want to make sure the sales rep at that particular dispensary knows what she is talking about. How do you know? One way to find out is to check out dispensary reviews or google reviews. It has a pretty good indication as to whether or not the workers have enough knowledge of every single product sold at that dispensary.

When you enter a dispensary and the sales representative approaches you, that worker should know the minimum information:

1. The source and manufacturing of the product.

2. Recommended product that best fits your needs.

3. What is in the inventory and the price.

Most dispensaries if not all should have the following types of products:

  • Cannabis Flower.
  • Cannabis Edibles.
  • Cannabis Topicals.
  • Cannabis Inhalers.
  • Cannabis Concentrates.
  • Cannabis Vape Products.
  • Cannabis Oral Products.
  • Cannabis Transdermals.
Knowing the difference between Sativa and Indica will help you make the correct decision.

VeryWellHealth defines Sativa and Indica as the following: 

“Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa are two types of cannabis species that are proposed to cause different effects. However, the compounds within a plant can differ from others—even if two plants are the same type. That means the effects can differ too. Indica plants typically contain higher amounts of CBD than THC, while Sativa plants typically have higher amounts of THC than CBD. Indica is believed to cause more of a calming or relaxing effect, while Sativa is known to cause an uplifting feeling. Factors such as tolerance, CBD-to-THC ratio, method of use, and added ingredients can influence effects as well.”

Tip 3: Make Sure The Sales Reps Know

It is probably more than likely you will not even know what to get when you first enter a dispensary. Capital Cannabis published an article on the what is the right product for you. 

           Treat these as preliminary questions to “vet” yourself and see if there are certain options that you should stay away from for now:

  • How much experience do you have with cannabis?
  • Do you have any concerns about smoking?
  • Will you be using cannabis alone or with others?
North Coast Provisions  published an in-depth article on dispensary staff.  They state the following:
The people selling you flower should be able to:
  • Identify strains
  • Weigh it in front of you
  • Explain what you see on the flower nugs (trichomes, hair, etc.)
  • Provide the effects the strains have to offer
  • Explain the differences between strains
  • Understand every product that they are offering
  • Know the price of every product
  • Tell you about special product events, bundle deals, and discounts!

We hope these tips will help stir you in the right direction when picking a dispensary.