Cultivation/Nursery Solutions

Cannabis Clearwater is your cultivation and nursery solution. 



Cannabis Cultivation And Nursery

Cannabis cultivators grow cannabis plants that are harvested can be sold as a flower or processed and made into products. In general cannabis cultivation include locations where cannabis is sown, grown, harvested,  cured, bucked or trimmed. Its operations look like other agricultural operations in the United States and rest of the world. Cannabis cultivation involves a  multi-step process that includes:

  • Soil  preparation and growing medium
  • Sowing seeds or clones
  • Watering, cross-pollinate and managing mold
  • Harvesting cannabis plants
  • Drying, curing and trimming sown


Operating a nursery takes the same process of cultivation however most grow clones or seeds for wholesale distribution to permitted cultivators, manufacturers and dispensaries. Both types of grow systems take time and energy and passion that translates into budget, operations and continued success. 

Cannabis Clearwater (CCW) supports those cultivators who are in need of help. We understand the financial and timely burden cultivators deal with on a daily basis. As we continue to grow our channels, we look to the future to be the leading cultivator solutions expert in the cannabis industry. 

Here at CCW we have a team of experts that can help your organization from start to finish. We have over 20+ years of cultivation expertise including cultivation, nursery, manufacturing, laboratory, dispensary, and distribution/transportation. 

Reasons why choose us: 

1. We’re the leading growing experts in both cultivation and nursery – we can help optimize your grow system and save operational costs. 

2. We have over 20+ years of growing experience – We know how to get the correct potency and yield from various cultivars. 

3.  We have a 24-hour support system – We know time is of the essence in cannabis so we have a 24-hour mindset and we support your needs immediately. 

4. We have over 50+ years of quality – Our team consists of QA/QC experts that have been involved with SOP and GMP development as well as ISO 9001, ISO 17025 and ISO 13485. 

5. We have a deep understanding of policy – As the ordinances and regulations change in local and state territories so does the complex nature of growing cannabis. We can help alleviate the burden of searching for the right answer. 

Cannabis operations can be very costly and we know how to save money and avoid the sales traps that would negatively impact your return on investment. We take an investigative approach to your operation and present that information in a clean and precise manner that would be expected from one professional to another. 




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