OSHA Training & Certifications For Oregon

Oregon Cannabis OSHA Training

Oregon is becoming the leading cannabis farm growers in the United States focusing not only on THC but also CBD. As the trends continue for OSHA Training requirements of employers in the cannabis industry , including those who cultivate, manufacture, test cannabis products, distribute, and dispense. States like California and Nevada already have these requirements and it won’t take long for other states to adopt them. As an employer, you must take steps to protect your employees from all health and safety hazards associated within their workplace. Get ahead of the industry and get your OSHA Training today! 

Our certificate will enable your cannabis business to be in compliance with specific safety awareness to help in recognizing and reducing the risks of workplace injury. This course emphasizes hazard awareness, avoidance, control  & prevention. The course is designed for supervisors or workers with safety responsibilities. 

Oregon Cannabis Farmers

Oregon Cannabis Farmers including outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse fall under Oregon’s OSHA Division 4, Agriculture rules.

Oregon Cannabis Processors

Oregon Cannabis Processors fall under Oregon’s OSHA’s Division 1, General Administrative rules.

Oregon Cannabis Retailers

Oregon Cannabis Retailers fall under Oregon’s OSHA’s Division 1, General Administrative rules and Oregon OSHA's Division 2, General Occupational Safety and Health rules.

All Oregon employers including cannabis growers, processors, and retailers must adhere to the Core Requirements that include OSHA rules.

Oregon’s Core Requirements are the following:

  • Identify workplace hazards
  • Report and record workplace injuries
  • Recording workplace injuries
  • Display the Oregon OSHA “It’s the law” poster
  • Establish a safety committee or hold safety meetings
  • Make sure your employees are properly trained
  • Develop your Oregon OSHA-required programs
  • Prepare for emergencies

What Are Oregon’s Core Requirements?

OSHA Training Courses

Fed OSHA 10 Hr. Training

Fed OSHA 30 Hr. Training

What Can You Do With The OSHA Certification?

For OSHA Training in Oregon, cannabis business owners can use the OSHA certification anywhere in the state of Oregon under the general industry. For Fed OSHA Certification, they can use the OSHA card anywhere in the U.S. All of which demonstrates that the participant has learned the basic fundamentals of safety and health hazards.

Online Courses For FED OSHA Training - Making It Easy To Get Certified

To make the training easily accessible to everyone, we have developed an Online Classroom for OSHA Training. Currently, this training will be held online via Zoom. Due to COVID, we have limited in person classes. Once local restrictions have been lifted, in-person classes will become available.