Cannabis Worldwide Logisitic Solutions

Cannabis Clearwater is the leading cannabis global shipping solutions expert. 



The Cannabis Logistics

Cannabis Clearwater recognizes the frustration, burden, and high costs involved with shipping cannabis products globally.

Cannabis Shipping Problems

  • Increased regulatory and custom guidelines for shipping cannabis products
  • Supply chain problems
  • Increased shipping costs
  • Delivery delays
  • Delayed governmental clearances 
  • Damaged products
  • Lack of communication with carrier

Cannabis Shipping Solutions

  • Contact recipient customs to get the current guidelines
  • Request any corrective actions before shipping
  • Get quotes from multiple carrier companies
  • Ask potential carriers what happens when there is a delivery delay
  • Request to ask for a point of contact at the governmental office 
  • Ask potential carriers about their return policy for damaged products 
  •  Request to speak to the carrier’s manager

Meet Arthur: Your Cannabis Worldwide Solutions Expert

Bay Area resident Arthur has over twenty years of experience in transportation and logistics. He is the leading Bay Area shipping expert and now uses his expertise in the cannabis industry. His vast knowledge on shipping can help alleviate the logistical problems as well as analyze the high shipping costs. He also has 10 years of safety training and 15 years of education experience. His combination of sales and education experience makes for a good fit for teaching cannabis Cal/OSHA training. Arthur is very excited about teaching safety in the cannabis industry. Cannabis is nothing new to the Bay Area and now that it is here to stay,  Arthur looks forward to helping cannabis companies expand their brand using this shipping expertise.