Cannabis Clearwater’s Master Cannabis Cultivator James Clardy has been in the cannabis cultivation industry for 20 years. His vast knowledge allows both amateur and professional cultivators to pick his brain when it comes to cannabis cultivation. Growing up in El Dorado County, James was very comfortable growing cannabis at a time when it was cannabis was considered illegal in the State of California. “Back then there were stigmas attached to cannabis but now I see it changing for the better,” says James. 

Now James is considered a Master Cultivator of cannabis and reaches out to anyone who needs help growing in a nursery or cultivation. “Nothing surprises me anymore because I’ve seen it and I know how the challenges of growing cannabis.” 

James is also an expert in Cannabis Licensing and Permitting. He has traveled throughout the entire State of California helping people in need of a permit or a license. “Getting a license is a challenge itself because of the irregularities between the city and county,” says James. “But we get it done. I tell clients to be ready and be patient and be prepared.” 

James offers a few suggestions when applying for a cannabis license.

  1. Be friendly to the admin staff – The county and city workers behind the desk are your gateway to everything when it comes to cannabis licensing. You will want to be their best friend. 
  2. Record the admin conversations – As silly as it sounds, James highly recommends this because the rules are always changing. Bring a voice recorder and politely tell them that you will record the conversation for documenting purposes. 
  3. Ask for advice – It doesn’t hurt to ask your peers questions. First it’s free. Second, they can pinpoint you in the correct direction. Also, ask for professional help because they help clients get a cannabis license for a living.  

“Many new growers add too much water to their cannabis plants. When you overwater you are essentially drowning the roots and they cannot get enough oxygen. Do not overwater your plants” 

Cannabis Clearwater is proud to have James as its Master Cannabis Cultivator and License Expert. Feel free to reach out to him. Go James! 

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Ask James Anything!
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