Cannabis Shrunk My Breast Cancer Cells - Conversation With Sarita Evans

CFO Sarita Evans for Spectrum CannaLabs gives a true testimonial on her experience with self-medication SRO oil during her journey with breast cancer. Her energizing spirit comes from past work experiences from being an attorney to opening up her own wellness center and now has a passion for the cannabis industry. Sarita is the CFO for Spectrum CannaLabs (

About Sarita: Business Management – Subject Matter Expert / Communication Focus / Entrepreneurship / Business Trainer, Mentor and Speaker. Business operations professional with over 30 years of experience in various aspects of the business operations, including HR and travel program management; with a successful track record of building strong customer relationships/partnerships based on trust, transparency and respect. Educated and skilled in effective communication presentation, strong listening tenets, creative problem solving and consultative selling. Consistently exceed sales goals by utilizing strategic planning, financial/data analysis, targeted negotiations, and implementation plans. An effective leader, who brings an entrepreneurial spirit and diligence, plans for success and strives for results. 

We are honored to have a conversation with Sarita. 

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