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Cannabis Business Compliance

Cannabis Clearwater is a full service compliance company assisting the cannabis industry with permits, licensing, and growing your business.

As the leading cannabis compliance company in Northern California, Cannabis Clearwater helps your business be in compliance with our OSHA Training Course for employers and employees. The OSHA Training Class provides training on the recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of workplace hazards. While focusing on the Cannabis Industry, our classes also provide general industry information regarding OSHA, including workers’ rights, employer responsibilities, including process & procedure.

Need OSHA Certificates For Your Employees?

We help with marijuana business compliance and get your cannabis license or permit without the worries, stress, and additional costs. We answer questions about your local and state rules and regulations with respect to acquiring a cannabis permit. More importantly, this is about your business. You get to focus on other business-related matters while we do the work. Our sole purpose is for you to get your cannabis permit.

Become a Licensed Cannabis Business in California

Applying for a cannabis permit in California is becoming more convoluted and costly every day. At times it can be both frustrating and confusing because the laws are always changing. How do you keep up with the current rules and regulations so that you know the current process when applying for a cannabis permit or license? How do you avoid additional fees? What do you when you get the license? We can help with all that.

Growers - Get Your Permits

We walk you through the process and complete all the forms for you that your county and state require to get permits and a cultivation license.

Is Your Cannabis Business in Compliances?

We offer safety inspections where we will inspect and audit your site to ensure OSHA compliance and for injury prevention. As a leader in the Cannabis Compliance Industry, Cannabis Clearwater is well informed of local and state laws with the credentials to evaluate work sites for potential compliance violations. Don’t get stuck with a huge fine, call us today, and schedule a site audit.

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